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Bupkis Dice Game!
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(There are variations of this fun dice game and it goes by different names.  This is the version my family plays.)

Components: 6 regular dice

Scoring: 1's = 100 points
5's = 50 points                                                                                          s
3 x 1's on one roll = 1000 points
3 x other = 100 x face value (e.g. 3 x 6's = 600) (double the score for each die of the same number.  Ie:  three 4s = 400, but four 4s doubles that to 800.  Five fours doubles that again to 1600, etc.)          
any 3 pairs on one roll = 1000 points
a straight (1,2,3,4,5,6) on one roll = 1000 points
Players take turns to roll the dice. To score the first time, the player must score at least 500 points.
When a single die or a combination of dice with point value appear, set those aside and add up the point value for those dice. Keep rolling the remaining dice, removing 1 or more dice with point value per roll, adding to your score for that turn, until the player wishes to stop.
If no points are scored on a roll, the player's got Bupkis (nothing) and scores 0 for that turn.
First player to reach 5000 or 10,000 (players choose) points wins the game.
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