Welcome Parkview S.T.E.M Students and Families,

It is with great enthusiasm and honor that I introduce myself, Heather Sufuentes, as the Principal of Parkview Elementary. I am thrilled to be joining the Parkview team and excited to get to know each and everyone of the students and their families. I have loved education since I was child teaching my dolls to read and I have had a variety of educational experiences as a student, teacher, educational coach, and administrator that have shaped my leadership along the way.

I am thrilled to be working within the community that I grew up in and I am now raising my own two children. I am a homegrown chico local (so please introduce yourself if we cross paths at the market, in the park or at Shuberts!) I am looking forward to continuing to build relationships within our community and seek out opportunities to further enhance and expand the S.T.E.M learning opportunities for our students along with the Parkview team. It is in an honor to work with a team who has been on the cutting edge of education to build a S.T.E.M program that is challenging our students to inquire, think, investigate and innovate their way through school! I look forward to enhancing and bridging these learning opportunities in and out of school with your collaboration and support.

We all know that “it takes a village” and I am incredibly honored to join the village that is already established on the Parkview campus. Through our shared commitment to learning we will continue to provide a safe, challenging and rewarding educational experience for each of our children. I would love the opportunity to meet you, so please stop by and introduce yourself. Building a solid home-school relationship is paramount to me and vital to each child’s educational journey. Thank you for entrusting all of us at Parkview to nurture, inspire, and enjoy your precious ones as we embark on the 2017-2018 school year!

Best Regards,

Heather Sufuentes