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Parkview Elementary School is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing learning environment for all of our students and has an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  Nationally, STEM programs are proliferating throughout high schools and elementary schools, as they offer an approach to teaching and lifelong learning that emphasizes the natural interconnection of the four separate STEM disciplines.  By better focusing on these core disciplines, students are better prepared for high school, college, and career.  Parkview's STEM program emphasizes collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking through an integrated learning sequence. English Language Arts standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and STEM are integrated together to provide students the opportunity to explore and make connections. Parkview students have rotations through our STEM Lab, Makerspace, and Computer Lab.  

Parkview also houses Chico's Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) classes for grades 4 and 5.  This has been a tremendously successful program, providing a valuable learning platform and consistent class environment for those students ready and able to learn at an accelerated pace. The GATE program at Parkview is designed to encourage and allow kids to grow in their learning and educational practice.  Students will be challenged with a variety of learning opportunities, while always strengthening their fundamental academic basics such as math fact, reading, and strengthening their writing. Project Based Learning is our primary method of learning and presenting. 
The Parkview School community provides a quality academic and social emotional education that promotes personal success. This is accomplished through standards-based instruction, on-going assessment, and high academic and behavioral expectations in a safe, engaging, language-rich environment. Parkview offers several enrichments for students such as: Gen Yes, Math Olympiads, Robotics, Coding, Leadership and Band. 
Parkview Elementary School students feel safe in a well-disciplined environment where everyone is respectful, responsible, and resourceful. Our school rules are: BE SAFE, BE RESPONSIBLE, AND BE RESPECTFUL. These rules reflect our school-wide implementation of PBIS (positive behavior interventions and supports) and our community beliefs about working together. Parkview parents take a positive, active role in the school and in their children's education throughout the grades. There is parent support and volunteering in classrooms, school events and the school's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). 

Parkview Chosen as Honor Roll School

We are proud to be named an Honor Roll School by Educational Results Partnership (ERP). ERP is an organization that recognizes schools with high performance in Math and Science. Sponsored by the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence, the ERP Honor Roll is the only school recognition program in the state that uses student achievement outcome data, and is a valuable resource for all schools to identify successful peers and learn about best practices that improve student success. For more info on the ERP Honor Roll program, visit: 

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