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Chico Unified School District is excited to announce a new parent communication system is coming this year. Our school has volunteered to be a first adopter of this new program.

A desire for customized message delivery has been voiced by parents. Chico Unified explored ways to help facilitate better school to parent communication. Our new system will place you in control of the message delivery. You can choose to receive messages via phone, email, text or all three and in the language you desire.  

Throughout the next two months, our school will be utilizing the new Aeries Communication System. You can customize your communication preferences through your existing Aeries Parent Portal. Chico Unified wants to ensure the system works seamlessly when it is introduced district-wide in 2019, so they are asking that you share elements that work well, problems you experience or any feedback for making the system better. An Aeries Communication feedback form has been established on our school website, so you can share your comments at your convenience and they will go directly to the Chico Unified School District Office.

We want to make sure you do not miss important school information, so some messages will be broadcast via both our existing and our new communication systems.

We are very excited about this new program and hope that it will help us connect with you regarding important school events and information.

Thank you for participating, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Aeries Communication Feedback Form

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