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Common Core State Standards Implementation Funds

Education is always changing. One of the current changes is the implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in 2014-15.  CCSS will require teachers to teach a little differently, students to learn a little differently and the State assessments will be taken on computers. These major changes will require Chico Unified to make a plan to address how to successfully implement CCSS.  CUSD will get funds to help implement CCSS and are required to get feedback from all stakeholders (teachers, parents, students, community, etc.).  There have already been several meetings one of which was the last board meeting on November 20th. 

Many of us are busy and can’t always keep up with everything that is going on that we might have an opinion on.  I wanted to be sure you have the opportunity to give feedback to the School Board on this issue if you wanted to.  Basically, CCSS Funding is one-time money in the amount of $2.4 million dollars.  It can only be used for Professional Development, Instructional Materials, or Technology.   Through various meetings, it has been determined that the greatest need is in the area of technology since many of the schools do not have enough computers to test all the students that need to be tested on computers in the upcoming State Assessments. The CUSD Tech Department has been looking into the best way to provide the most technology for the most reasonable price.  The proposal to the School Board is to use 15% of the funds ($362,245) to provide staff development opportunities for teachers in CCSS strategies and 85% of funds ($2,052,722) to upgrade our computer capabilities.

If you have an opinion on where the money should be spent, please feel free to contact one of our Board Members or John Bohannon at the District Office (891-3000).